About Us


Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company (Private) Limited was incorporated on 18 November 2004 as a private limited company under the Companies Act 2017. The register office of the company is at WAPDA Administrative staff College Sector – H-8/1 Islamabad. The Company’s main objective is the development of Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project for generation and sale of electricity. The company is the wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The salient feature of the Project are as under: 

Dam Type

Composite Dam ( Gravity + Rock fill ) 

Height / Length

60/160 meters 

Tunnel Length

Twin Tunnel, Length 19.6 Km
X-Section Area varies from 52m2 to 58m2
Single Tunnel, Length 8.94 km
X-Section Area 104 m2
Tailrace Tunnel, Length 3.54 km
X-Section Area 99 m2

Gross Head

420 m

Design Discharge

280 cumecs

Installed Capacity

969 MW, 4 Turbines, 242.25 MW each

Estimated Annual Energy

5150 GWh (5.15 billion units annually)

Execution by



Neelum Jhelum Consultants, a joint venture of:

  • Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) International Inc. USA
  •  NORPLAN A.S. Norway
  • National Engineering Services Pakistan,
  • Associated Consulting Engineers, Pakistan
  • National Development Consultants , Pakistan


A joint venture of:

  • China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC)
  • China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)

Commencement Date

January 2008   

Completion Date

March 31,2018